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Broke & Starving is designed with the absolute beginning cook in mind, we don’t use any fancy equipment or silly kitchen jargon, no weird ingredients that no one has ever heard of either. All of the recipes are designed to be cooked on the slimmest of budgets but still remain healthy and most importantly taste great! Please take the time to look at a few of our recipes and also give us a ‘Like’ on Facebook if you enjoy our site.

Don’t be fooled! Just because we keep beginners in mind doesn’t mean there isn’t anything here for seasoned cooks either…

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  • Lentil Burgers

    Today we have another great vegan friendly dish that is extremely versatile; Lentil Burgers. Using just the most basic of ingredients and…

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  • Quick Tuna Mornay

    When I was a kid, one of my favourite dishes that my Mum made was tuna mornay and it just so happens…

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  • Hearty Shepherd’s Pie

    I probably shouldn’t have posted this recipe because if my Mum found out she would get aggro because it was actually her…

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  • Creamy Chicken Curry

    This chicken curry tastes wonderful and the use of curry powder takes all the hard work out of cooking it which makes…

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  • Lentil Dahl

    We know what you are thinking but before you say anything… no, we did not scrape this off the back lawn and…

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